Vegan rice pudding

Riz au lait

Have you ever tried the Danish risalamande or the French riz au lait? We have combined the two in this vegan rice pudding made with oat drink. It is a perfect alternative to the above or a different dessert for Christmas Eve or Christmas lunch.

Vegan rice pudding recipe

If you haven’t yet heard of riz au lait or rice pudding, you are in for a treat. We weren’t familiar with it until a few weeks ago but luckily we are now. Rice pudding is a classic dessert. In Denmark we often know it as ‘risengrød’ or ‘risalamande’. Risengrød is a rice porridge made from pudding rice and milk. Risalamande is a cold risengrød mixed with sugar, vanilla and whipped cream and often topped with cherry sauce. In France they have the riz au lait, which is a sweet version of risengrød, where the pudding rice is cooked with milk, sugar and vanilla to a sweet rice porridge.

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Riz au lait - French rice pudding

Danish risalamande alternative

If you have ever celebrated Christmas in Denmark, you have probably tried the Danish Christmas dessert risalamande. It is a sweet rice porridge with vanilla mixed with chopped almonds and whipped cream for a light, sweet and fluffy dessert. We often top it with warm cherry sauce and hide a whole almond in there. The one who gets the whole almond wins a present. This recipe is a version without cream and made vegan by cooking the rice in oat drink instead of milk. It could easily be served on Christmas Eve or as a dessert on one of the days around Christmas.

Vegan Christmas dessert

What are you having for dessert on Christmas Eve? It probably depends on where you are from. If you are looking for a vegan Christmas dessert with a Danish and French twist, this one is for you. It is on the heavier side but if you ask the Danes, most people love it and is looking forward to it on Christmas.

Vegansk alternativ til risalamande
Vegan rice pudding

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Riz au lait

Vegan rice pudding

A vegan alternative to the classic Danish Christmas dessert 'risalamande' A sweet rice pudding topped with cherry sauce.
Servings 5 people
Cook Time 50 minutes


  • 180 g pudding rice
  • 1 liter Dryk Oat Drink Barista
  • 75 g sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • ½ tsp salt
  • cherry sauce or other topping


  • Add pudding rice and 1 dl water to a pod and cook, until the rice has absorbed the water.
  • Half the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds.
  • Pour a couple of dl oat drink to the rice and stir until you have no rice clumps. Add the rest of the oat drink, vanilla seeds, the vanilla pod, sugar and salt.
  • Let it simmer under a lid for about 45 minutes until it reaches a pudding/porridge consistency. Make sure to stir often all the way to the bottom to make sure it doesn't burn.
  • Eat it cold or lukewarm – maybe with cherry sauce or alike on top.

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