DRYK is created in a mutual cooperation with nature.
DRYK and The Danish Nature Fund stands together to
liberate Danish nature forever.

DRYK is a Danish company and has arised from a love for our nature and our planet. The mission is to bring people closer to nature and to feel that together we can make a difference. That is what DRYK stands for. Our production of plant drinks emits 70% less CO2 than milk, while using 87% less water and has 11 times better land usage. That is why we are proud to be able to contribute to The Danish Nature Fund, that work for freeing wild nature.

Every time you choose DRYK, you help the dansih nature

For each sold DRYK product in Scandinavia, DRYK donates an amount, that will free a little area of wild nature – the area corresponds to the measurement on the bottom of the packaging. When you choose DRYK, you do not just contribute to sustainability and animal welfare. You are also part of liberating wild Danish nature. For ever.

Biodiversity and endangered species

That piece of nature you are liberating, when you choose DRYK, will for ever be free. It benefits entire ecosystems, including animals, plants, insects, soil and water. In this way, together we make better room for our shared nature and the unique, endangered and rare plants and animal species.

Areas our donations has freed

Hesbjerg Skov where logging is stopped so that nature can return. Here, the forest’s original nature is restored, to make room for plants, fungi and wild animals, including the endangered meadow pearl butterfly.

Margrethe Kog where 230 hectares of fields are transformed into nature. Here, rare breeding birds and tens of thousands of migratory birds will have a new pantry. The expectiation is that the endangered meadow birds, such as the ruff and the rare black-tailed godwit, will find the area ideal for breeding.

Engelsholm Sønderskov here, the old deciduous forest is preserved, so that nature unfolds naturally, without interference from humans – something that is only the case for around 3% of Danish forests. Older and completely natural forests can house more animals and more biodiversity.

Store Åmose a natural, living bog is ensured, which will benefit many different species, including the giant sea eagle and the protected otter. For this, thickets, open water surfaces and open meadows are secured.

Læsten Bakker og Skals Ådal the goal is to create a big, coherent natural area on 300 hectares. In this area, agricultural land is restored to flowering meadows with wild plants and spraying and fertilizing are stopped. In addition, a lake will be established for the benefit of amphibians and other aquatic animals.

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