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About DRYK

DRYK is a danish brand and is more than just plant drinks. DRYK is established with respect for nature and is a step closer in the right direction to ensure a greener and more sustainable future. Our plant drinks are developed from a vision to spare the nature and the climate, both now and forever. Our ambition is to spread awareness and knowledge about plant drinks all over the world. Together with our customers, we contribute to a greener lifestyle and enviornment.

DRYK develop 100% plantbased products, created by the best, scandinavian raw materials. We preserve the production of these raw materials and never compromise on the products’ quality, taste and performance. Our range of products consist of six different plant drinks and is worldclass quality. DRYK has particular succes on the coffee market, due to the products ability to perform.

DRYK is on a mission. A mission to create products, that brings us closer to nature. When you choose DRYK, or any other plantbased product, you choose climate friendly and sustainable. The development happens with respect for nature. We take the preservation of wild nature into account and contribute to the green transition. You can read about why we can claim that our products are more climate friendly on our climate page.

Plantbased diets are gaining ground all over the world. We will take our part to create a strong agriculture in Denmark to support this development. We want to help create a greener future. The future is plantbased.

The idea about DRYK

The thought of DRYK started in the home of Christian Christensen and Marina Hansen's home in Stevns. The mission is to produce high-quality plant drinks, which simultaneously get the consumer as close to nature as possible. The goal for the plants drinks to replace milk, in order to reduce animal production and thereby promote climate and biodiversity.

Developing DRYK's plant drinks

After thorough research and elbow grease, DRYK decides to cooperate with a supplier in Sweden. Trensum meets the high demands for raw materials, production and quality that DRYK values.

DRYK is established

DRYK gets established January 2020. That same year in February, DRYK is open for business. The majority of DRYK products, has been there since the beginning; Oat Drink, Oat Barista, Pea Drink, Pea Barista and Oat Cacao.

The very first DRYK products arrives

The very first pallets with DRYK plant drinks is delivered to the company's first adress in Stevns. Bornholms Ismejeri og Rødvig Kro- og Badehotel were among the first customers.

A memory in the historie of DRYK

Only a few months into the DRYK adventure, Marina unfortunately passes away after a batteling with cancer. Christian chooses to honour 'Mina', as she was called, by continue their common mission to produce high-quality plant drinks, that contributes to the green transition. What drives Christian even further is being able to say to his grandchildren; "I did all I could to provide greener world to you".

First export agreement

DRYK enter a major export agreement with China. This became the first step of DRYK's export journey.

Growth of export and sales

There is no doubt about the world's interest for our plant drinks. During the first year, DRYK begin to export to 20+ countries. There is also high demand on the Danish market, where we have entered collaborations with many suppliers and customers.

Moves to new location in Køge Habour

DRYK is expanding and has to move out of the homely sorroundings in Stevns and into new sorroundings in Køge Habour. The warehouse stays in Stevns.

DRYK is getting noticed - Awards 2021

Winner Food Startup Of The Year

Finalist Danish Design Awards 2021 - Save Ressources

Nominee EY Entrepreneur Of The Year - Start-up/Scaleup

Mini plant drinks

DRYK adds mini plant drinks, containg 250 ml, to the portfolio. They will be easy to take with you when you are on the go. The mini plant drinks are the variants Oat Barista and Oat Cacao. Oat Barista Mini is phased out in the beginning of 2023, while the Oat Cocoa Mini remains in stock.

DRYK and The Danish Nature Fund

In March 2022, DRYK enter a collaboration with The Danish Nature Fund, which is an ideal mach for DRYK's values of sustainability and biodiversity. For each DRYK sold in Scandinavia, DRYK donates an amount to liberate Danish nature. Each donation corresponds to the area on the bottom of a DRYK carton and together it becomes a lot of free nature.

More applaus for DRYK - Awards 2022

Winner PlanteVækst Entrepreneur Of The Year

Vinder Culinary Action! On The Road

Nominee EY Entrepreneur Of The Year - Start-up/Scaleup

DRYK today

Today 14 employees are working for DRYK. The majority of the employees are located at the office in Køge. Our plant drinks are now exported to +20 countries, but we strive towards increasing that number. Most of our partnerships are with professional baristas and leading cafés. Along with that, private customers can shop directly from our webshop and can also be purchased at collaborative customers.

DRYK launches its first organic product

In June 2023, DRYK's first organic plant drink is added to the portfolio.

The future DRYK

DRYK is an ambitious company, with a mission to develop products in respect of nature. And the visions goes beyond that. We are planning to build a production plant in Stevns, where it all started.

Awards 2023

Winner Entrepreneur Price Køge Kommune

NomineeEY Entrepreneur Of The Year

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