If you are a barista or run your own place, you can benefit of replacing milk with plant drink in your coffee beverages.
By doing so, you will increase the quality of the taste-experience for your guests.

Why your business should choose DRYK

Join the development and choose our pure and natural plant drinks. Your guests will appreciate the high quality, that DRYK is made of.

Accomondate by supporting the green transition, to help both nature and climate. Together we make a difference.

Our barista products

In collaboration with top-star baristas, we have developed plant drinks that meets the demands of a barista in terms of taste, foam and richness.

Oat Barista

Our oat drink created specially for coffee

Organic Oat Barista

Our organic oat drink created specially for coffee

Pea Barista

Our pea drink created especially for coffee

Quality coffee deserves quality plant-drink
- nothing less

Whether you are a skilled, professional barista or a barista at home, you will undoubtingly both notice and taste the high quality of our barista products. We have highlighted the advantages of choosing our barista products in the section below.

  • The barista variants are easy to work with and fast to steam, foam and heat
  • The texture and creaminess ind our barista variants makes them ideal for latte art
  • The texture and creaminess ind our barista variants makes them ideal for latte art
  • Adds a subtle sweetness without dominating the coffee taste
  • The barista variants adds body and consistency and compliments the coffee taste
  • Made from grain base, that is made of real raw materials instead of syrup base
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals to increase nutritional value However, this does not apply to our Organic variant.
  • Low in sugar and long shelf life

Our plants drinks can do much more than complement a good cup of coffee. You can also include our other varieties of plant drinks in cooking, such as in baking, smoothies, porridge or whatever your restaurant serves. 

Export countries

DRYK is traded to baristas in more than 23 counties worldwide. If you want to hear more about the export of our plant drinks, you are welcome to get in touch with our sales team, that you can find at the bottom of this page.

What our professional customers are saying

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