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When we say that the production of plant drinks are more sustainable than the production of cow’s milk, we do it based on reliable data from Oxford University. Here international experts has made the necessary calculations, that shows the climatic advantages of plant drinks compared to animal milk production. In addition, it creates more space for nature and biodiversity. For example, 1 liter of cow’s milk obtains 6,8 m2 of land, whilst 1 liter of plant drink obtains 0,7 m2. The usage of water is 87% less in production of plant drink than production of milk. Furthermore, it emits 70% less CO2. If you want to know more about these calculations, you can find the scientific article from Oxford University here.

70% less CO2

The production of plant drinks emits 70% less CO2 than the production of milk

87% less water

It takes 87% less amount of water produce raw materials we use in out plant drinks, compared to production of raw materials used for milk

11 X better land use

Arealet til at producere vores plantedrikke, bliver udnyttet bedre end ved produktionen af mælk

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