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Cold-raised buns with seeds

There isn’t much that can beat freshly baked bread in the morning. And where you normally use water, you can actually use Oat Drink. It is so easy and adds more nutrition to your dough. That is why we have made this recipe for cold-raised buns. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to prepare […]

Vegan chocolate cake

Can you really make a vegan chocolate cake where you don’t feel like you are missing anything? We have tested that and we have the answer. Yes you can! And we have created this delicious recipe that is spongy, moist and full of flavor, filled with pieces of chocolate and topped with a soft buttercream. […]

Vegan potato leek soup

Who doesn’t love soup? Especially in the colder months. It is a great way to eat vegetables and it tastes great. We have made a vegan potato leek soup. Instead of cream, we use our Pea Barista and it does the job just as well. Vegan potato leek soup recipe Potato leek soup is always […]

Smoothie bowl with oat drink and berries

Smoothie is a great snack, dessert or breakfast and can be made in thousands of versions. Our recipe is a smoothie bowl with oat drink, banana and berries but it can be made from all kinds of fruits and berries. It is fresh, creamy, sweet and sour – perfect for kids and adults. Smoothie bowl […]

Chocolate peanutbutter smoothie

We all know it. That hunger for something sweet during the day. We often feel like something like Oat Cocoa and that is why we have made this chocolate peanutbutter smoothie recipe. It tastes indulgent and is full of berries and good fats. We can really recommend it – for kids and adults. Chocolate peanutbutter […]