Meet Anna

Recipes with plant drink

Here you will find inspiration and recipes with plant drink. Our products are oat drink and pea drink and in these recipes we are only using our own products. We have created a bunch of recipes on everything from cakes til bread, dinner, breakfast, snacks and more. They are all vegetarian, some are vegan or can be made vegan. We hope that you will be inspired by our recipes with plant drink og join our mission towards a more sustainable world.

Anna’s food collection

The person behind this collection of Dryk recipes with plant drink is Anna, whom you can see a picture of. Anna is educated within communication and has many years of food blogging and recipe developing behind her. It is Anna who is behind all of Dryk’s recipes – from idea generating til recipe development, photos and text.

Veganske hveder - danish wheat buns
Svampelasagne - vegansk vegetarisk lasagne med svampe
Sund nutella - vegan nutella
Pandekager uden æg og mælk
Vegan chocolate chip cookies / veganske cookies med chokolade