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Vegan one pot pasta

If you are looking for an easy, delicious, healthy and quick dinner, you have landed at the right spot. This vegan one pot pasta with peas, mushrooms, spinach and other delicious things is perfect for this. We have added Dryk pea drink for an even creamier result and a bit more protein. You can use […]

Dalgona ice coffee with oat milk

If you didn’t already know, this is the ice coffee of the summer. It is the best ice coffee with oat milk. What defines a good ice coffee? In our opinion it has to be ice cold and taste of coffee (of course). But it also has to be creamy, soft and airy. And then […]

Vegan strawberry cream pie

You almost can’t say summer without mentioning new seasonal strawberries and strawberry cream pie. Especially not if you live in Denmark. Today you will get the recipe for a traditional and classic strawberry cream pie or what we in Danish call ‘jordbærtærte’ (strawberry tart). It consists of a sweet shortcrust, marzipan filling, dark chocolate, vanilla […]

Milk chocolate ice cream

It is almost summer, and this means that it is time for sun on our noses and ice cream in our belly. Isn’t that right? Here at Dryk we love ice cream, and we also love to experiment with new ice cream flavors. Today we will share a milk chocolate ice cream recipe with you. […]